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An off road day is for people with spirit of adventure and who can fit in every situation;    

surely it's NOT advisable for those who are looking for peace and the comfort of a luxury, air-conditioned car.  

During these excursions you are in contact with  Nature in all its aspects: you can eat in the open air, sitting on the grass or on a rock; it may happen you have to get off in the mud or in the snow; sometimes it's very hot ,others it's extremely cold; in an off road trip you travel on the natural ground  (sorry, no tarmac or gravel or concrete) so you can expect jolts, skips and a rather comparative comfort....... conclusion it's absolutely  necessary you have a good spirit of adaptation!  



We recommend to wear casual, comfortable clothes, strong canvas trousers (jeans or trekking trousers) and comfortable water resistant shoes

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