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In the center of Italy, in Molise, lies an unforgettable, unknown land: the province of Isernia. There you will find a land of unsurpassed beauty, a land rich in animals and plants species; if you are lucky you will see wild animals: foxes, hares, boars, badgers, deers and even wolves and bears. Horses, cows, goats and sheep graze free in the fields reminding the traveller of a "far west" scenery.


  • Come with us and discover one of the most charming corners of Italy where Nature is at its best.

  • Come and see an incontaminated world; charming spots where the only sound is the blowing of the wind or the cry of an hawk high in the sky.

  • Change your way of spending a weekend and live a new, exciting experience that will make your trip a collection of priceless memories.

  • Rediscover old tastes in a picnic with typical genuine local products.

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